See how Looking Sideways can help you

is to discover
a question that has
never been asked”

- Kenya Hara

Disruptive discoveries—those ‘Aha!’ lightbulb moments that guide us to that perfect idea—often come when we least expect it. We assign these serendipitous discoveries to chance, but they are anything but random: they can be designed into our creative process through the way we think and the tools we use.

Looking Sideways helps you break out of your standard approach to innovation to explore new ideas and make unexpected connections. Viewing projects through a metaphorical wide-angle lens, we can help you consider them from a new perspective and suddenly ‘see’ new possibilities and ideas.

Approach - we help cultivate a perspective-shifting mindset and employ serendipitous discoveries as an effective part of your organization’s innovation process.

What we do - we can help you bring more disruptive discoveries into your organisation through creative capability building workshops, expansive thinking keynotes & inspiring innovation strategy explorations.

Tools - our suite of digital tools designed at the MIT Media Lab can be uniquley customised to your project needs and embedded into your organisation's innovation teams.

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